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By customizing your own unique monitoring and alert settings, parents and guardians can be alerted when their children's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other pertinent social media platforms under scrutiny become posted with inappropriate language and content.


No parent or guardian has the time or resources to be in constant surveillance of all the Social Media platforms in which their children might be active. Nor do most children want intense scrutiny of their updates and postings, despite best intentions. You want to trust your children, while at the same time knowing that you are protecting them.


RAADR gives families the ability to protect their image, combat erroneous postings, and safeguard their children from online bullying. By utilizing customized keywords chosen by the user that are added to an already existing database, parents and guardians can carry a sense of assuredness that the youth they love and are responsible for are safe and acting in a fun, yet appropriate manner.


With RAADR's customized multi-platform approach, parents and guardians can rest assured that their loved one is engaging in the online community in a safe and responsible way. No matter the device, browser, or social media account, RAADR has a solution for your online monitoring.


RAADR takes the frustration out of online monitoring by utilizing a simple and easy to navigate online portal combined with tools that are easy to implement into your custom monitoring approach. In addition, our trained and experienced support team is available to assist with your needs.


With RAADR's wide range of available topics and keywords, parents and guardians can create a fully-customizable game plan to their online monitoring. Our knowledge base of over 2,500 topics and keywords is always evolving to keep up with the trends of today.



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